My Warm Table ... with Sonia

Saving lions and rewilding our world with Donalea Patman

November 14, 2023 Sonia Nolan Season 2 Episode 15
My Warm Table ... with Sonia
Saving lions and rewilding our world with Donalea Patman
My Warm Table ... with Sonia +
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Show Notes

We are in what scientists call the 6th mass extinction with wildlife disappearing at a rate of 1000 times the natural extinction rate.  

Today’s warm table conversation is a big one.

We share tears and fears with Donalea Patman who, 12 years ago, locked eyes with a lion - one of the world’s most majestic and revered creatures – and from that moment she has dedicated her career to ending the cruel and barbaric industry of canned hunting, followed by the closing of the domestic trade in ivory and rhino horn in Australia and worked on modernising the legal trade in endangered species (one of the key drivers of extinction).

Season 2 of My Warm Table Podcast is amplifying people of passion and purpose. Donalea has to be one of the most passionate and purposeful people I’ve met. She sold her house and started a charity called For the Love of Wildlife (FLOW) which is dedicated to restoring the essential connection between all living things to bring our planet back to balance.

She is changing the world and for her work she was the proud recipient of the Animal Action Award, International Fund for Animal Welfare ad was named in the 2017 Queen’s Birthday honours list and awarded an Order of Australia Media for her work for animal welfare.

Donalea is a Freo girl at heart and after shining a spotlight on the global issue of canned hunting and predator breeding, she is now turning her vast energy and wisdom to rewilding WA.  Partnering with Quenda Ecologics to build autonomous rovers that mimic what marsupials did in rural Australia before they disappered.  This ambitious and unique project aims to regenerate degraded WA landscapes at scale.

So grab a cup of tea and join us around the warm table.  Prepare to be outraged… and educated ….and also deeply inspired by Donalea and the work she is doing for mother earth, for our future and For the Love of Wildlife.

Warm thanks to:
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Music: William A Spence
... and all our generous and inspiring guests around the warm table this season!

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