My Warm Table ... with Sonia

Allergies with Dr Richard Nolan

October 03, 2023 Sonia Nolan Season 2 Episode 12
My Warm Table ... with Sonia
Allergies with Dr Richard Nolan
My Warm Table ... with Sonia +
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Show Notes

PASSION: The study and mastery of allergic conditions.
PURPOSE: Investigating, managing and relieving allergy symptoms through his practice
Perth Allergy so people can live healthier, happier lives.

Is hay fever your nemesis in the Springtime or maybe the sentence “may contain traces of nuts” gets your heart racing. Allergies have become a common companion for many and so often they rob us of our energy levels, concentration and wellbeing … and of course sometimes they can be life threatening. 

Dr Richard Nolan – allergy specialist and immunologist – is our guest around the warm table today and he shares his passion for understanding the causes and cures for allergies and the purpose behind his life’s work. 

There’s no one better to talk about this topic with us today! 

Warm thanks to:
Sponsor: Females Over Forty-five Fitness in Victoria Park
Sound Engineering: Damon Sutton
Music: William A Spence
... and all our generous and inspiring guests around the warm table this season!

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