My Warm Table ... with Sonia

Happy brain chemicals with Charlotte Ingham Ellery

May 16, 2023 Sonia Nolan Season 2 Episode 1
My Warm Table ... with Sonia
Happy brain chemicals with Charlotte Ingham Ellery
My Warm Table ... with Sonia +
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Show Notes

PASSION: Harnessing our brain chemicals (think oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine and cortisol) to be our very best selves and thrive!
PURPOSE: Teaching everyone how to tap into these happy chemicals - including people in prison - for our wellbeing, emotional intelligence and to live our best lives. 

Charlotte Ingham Ellery runs her own business called Well Built Mind and she is a woman of many talents. She’s a mother, a yoga instructor, a wellbeing and psychological safety expert, and she teaches corporate wellbeing, emotional intelligence and psycho-social hazard management.  She’s amazing!

This conversation is one of the best professional development sessions you could have! Charlotte also works extensively doing PD teachers for their own wellbeing and also with students helping everyone understand their brain chemicals and thrive!

Warm thanks to:
Sponsor: Females Over Forty-five Fitness in Victoria Park
Sound Engineering: Damon Sutton
Music: William A Spence
... and all our generous and inspiring guests around the warm table this season!

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My Warm Table, translated into Italian is Tavola Calda. These were the words my Papa used to describe a table of good friends, good food and good conversation. I always aim to create a tavola calda in my life and I hope this podcast encourages you to do so too!